We carry out a comprehensive “road safety check” of your organisation. Where does your organisation score well and what could still be improved in terms of road safety within your organisation?

  • Detecting sticking points and proposing practical solutions
  • Avoiding risk situations, damage/claims and fines.
  • Optimising the management of your travel arrangements, fleet and infrastructure so that you can save costs.

The areas we analyse include the types of travel movements your employees make, the methods of transport used and the way they are managed. We also look at how road safety is incorporated into your HR policy and scan the infrastructure of your company premises. In addition, we analyse all of the available data, including traffic fines and accidents. This enables us to take a close look at all the risk factors.

As a result of this in-depth analysis, we are able to gain a total picture of the situation. That way we can highlight the sticking points and set appropriate improvement processes in motion. This exercise will help you to improve your policy on road safety, while reducing your costs at the same time.

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