Good knowledge of the Highway Code provides insights into the traffic and helps you to make your journeys safely and efficiently. During this workshop your knowledge of the road rules is given a refresher. The recent changes to the Highway Code are explained and you are given the opportunity to practise them using realistic situations. And to make things clear, we have made a selection of what you really need to know to stay safe in traffic and on the road. The main road signs, the rules on speed and the overtaking and priority rules are also examined.


  • The Highway Code: by being well informed about (changes in) the Highway Code, we are able to adjust our habits behind the wheel and drive a good deal more safely.
  • The enforcement policy: driving offences are broken down into four categories, based on the danger they represent.
  • How to respond in the event of a road accident: every year thousands of people find themselves confronted by a road accident, including accidents with serious consequences. What rules apply for the driver, passengers and for witnesses?


  • You are well informed about the most important rules in the Highway Code and the enforcement policy.
  • You are aware of the main new areas in the Highway Code.

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