During the Speed workshop, you are given practical information about stopping/braking distances, differences in speed and what that means in terms of consequences, the force of impact and the limited amount of time gained by driving more quickly. We also examine the forces our body undergoes when a collision occurs. The importance of wearing a seatbelt soon becomes very clear!


Speed and driving fast are synonymous with progress, efficiency and hence wellbeing. Driving is viewed as time wasted – and the aim is to make that time as short as possible. Despite all of the campaigns and checks made out on the road, the message to drive more slowly is diametrically opposed to our thoughts of efficiency and saving time. As a result, driving fast has become so automatic that it is no longer questioned.

Yet… Excessive or inappropriate speed is a major factor in one out of every three accidents resulting in physical injury. The risks of speed are often underestimated. This workshop highlights the risk of speed, which has a positive effect on driver behaviour.


  • You know the speed restrictions on Belgian roads and the speed limits on different vehicles.
  • You are able to quote the possible consequences of inappropriate speed, including stopping distances.
  • You are aware of the increased risks and limited amount of time saved by driving fast.

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