Criminals are becoming more active on the Internet, and cybercrime is seeing a strong growth. New types of crime are emerging, which make it harder for the police to keep up with cybercriminals. Vias institute, together with 16 partners from 11 European countries, is involved in the development of a system to map online illegal networks, trace criminals, and take countermeasures.

Within the ANITA (‘Advanced tools for fighting online illegal trafficking’) project, a system will be developed within the next three years which maps online (Surface Web, Deep Web, Dark Nets) and offline illegal trafficking activities by analysing text, audio, image and video material. The system specifically searches for traces of weapons, counterfeit/falsified medicine, drugs and NPS transactions, and the financing of terrorism.

Vias institute will develop a training program to help police officers become familiar with this system. 

The ANITA project is framed within ‘Horizon 2020’, a program of the European Commission that finances research and innovation during the 2014-2020 period. Vias institute will work alongside partners from Italy, Greece, Austria, Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia and the UK.