CARTRE is a H2020 project funded by the European Commission. The mission of CARTRE supports the development of clearer and more consistent policies of EU Member States in collaboration with industry players ensuring that automated road transport (ART) systems and services are compatible on a EU level and are deployed in a coherent way across Europe.  CARTRE involves more than 60 organisations to consolidate the current industry and policy fragmentation surrounding the development of automated road transport systems

The project is aiming at:

  • Establish European leadership through public-private collaboration for development and deployment of ART
  • Support international cooperation activities in the area of road automation at global level, in particular with the US and Japan
  • Support Strategic alignment of national action plans for automated driving
  • Ensure that stakeholders are well informed of past, current and future ART activities through a comprehensive knowledge base on project results
  • Actively support ART pilots and test beds
  • Report on progress of ART projects on enablers and thematic areas
  • Facilitate exchange of data, experience and knowledge for comparing and deploying results from pilots
  • Foster a common evaluation framework across ART projects
  • Describe possible deployment alternatives and evaluate their impacts
  • Reach out to stakeholders, decision makers and wider public
  • Establish annual international conferences, and workshops in Europe


Vias institute tasks include:

  • analysing testing regulations coming into force in several European State Members and contributing to the definition a set of guidelines for future EU level projects.
  • Defining the possible shared visions for the introduction of ART on a short term (2020) and a long term vision (2040) in all aspects of mobility and transport and in all conditions.
  • Ensuring that Belgian initiatives (federal, regional and local) are reported to the CARTRE community.