Vias institute took the initiative in 2015, in conjunction with a number of road safety organisations in Europe to organise a road safety survey: the ESRA project (E-Survey of Road Users’ Attitudes). The aim of this project is to obtain internationally comparable road safety indicators. In 2015, the first online ESRA survey was conducted, taking representative samples in 17 European countries. For the purposes of the survey, a joint questionnaire was developed and translated into all of the national languages concerned. The main themes to emerge from the survey included: attitudes to risks in traffic, self-reported safe and unsafe conduct on the road, feelings of insecurity on the part of road-users and their opinions about policy measures taken in relation to road safety. Data were gathered in all countries at the same time in June and July 2015. In 2016 and 2017, the number of countries involved was expanded to 38. In total, in the first edition of ESRA, data were gathered from almost 40,000 road-users in 38 countries and 5 continents.

The second edition of ESRA is planned for the spring of 2018. As coordinator, Vias institute's tasks as part of the project include the following: to be first point of contact for all partners, coordinating the collection of data in all countries, developing the questionnaire and analysing the data in conjunction with a limited group of 6 partners (making up the core group).

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