By order of the municipality of Schaarbeek, Vias institute assesses the security of its public buildings. This analysis includes a survey on the safety feeling of the citizens, municipal employees, fire department and police. To carry out this assessment, Vias institute resorts to various enquiring methods such as flash interview in different languages and online polls via apps. Furthermore, the partner organisation Securitas makes a risk analysis of the infrastructure. For the 48 buildings concerned, Securitas will check the way the access is controlled, the number of entrances and exits, the place of the emergency exits and the building materials used. On the basis of this information, Securitas will map out the safety needs for all the municipal services, schools, nurseries, libraries and sports centres in Schaarbeek.

This study is the response to the terror attacks and the terror threat in the past years. Thanks to this large security analysis Vias institute will help the municipality of Schaarbeek to improve the security of its citizens and buildings. Moreover, this project may encourage other cities and municipalities to collaborate in an innovative way on security in general.

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