During the last two editions of the cycle race Record Bank E3 Harelbeke (25/03/2016, 24/03/2017), Vias institute coordinated the development of an innovative and advanced command centre in collaboration with the Innovation Centre for Security (INNOS), Vives, the police zone Gavers, Securitas, Barco, the federal police, the assistance zone FLUVIA and the city of Harelbeke.

Safety and assistance services and the organisers of the race had at their disposal various information sources such as radio communication, fixed and mobile camera systems, helicopter and drone images (for the first time during the 2017 edition), VRT real time images, social media and content of the provincial Communication and Information Centre of East-Flanders to guarantee that the cycle race is safe.

Thanks to a collaboration with Barco and Securitas, a central command centre was set up to make the use of mobile cameras easier and to better manage the camera images.

This integrated approach to secure big events enables us to share information quickly with all the security partners on the ground. Big events may thus be secured more efficiently and with less capacity.

For more information, please contact security@vias.be