Vebimobe aims at making mobility smarter by incorporating data from a road sign database in intelligent transportation systems. The Flemish government initiated the creation of a road sign database in 2008. Examples of intelligent transportation systems in which the road sign database can be used, are sustainable road navigation and intelligent speed adaptation (ISA). Sustainable road navigation takes into account residential areas, school vicinity and streets reserved to local traffic when determining a route. ISA is a system which, depending on the model, warns the driver when the speed limit is exceeded or prevents him from exceeding it. The road sign database must be kept up to date when used in such applications. Therefore Vebimobe is also working on a system that enables updating the database using data collected by cameras with which recent cars are equipped.  

Vebimobe is a collaboration between several partners, amongst whichVias institute The project is coordinated  by the Vlaams Instituut voor Mobiliteit (VIM). You can find more information on Vebimobe on the project website.