Why completing this survey?

The purpose of the survey is twofold:
(1) to gain insight in the short, medium and long term impact of being injured in a road crash; and
(2) to understand better the factors that may help people to improve their quality of life after being injured in a road crash. The survey should be completed by people who have ever been injured[1] in a road crash, no matter what type of road user they were (car occupant, cyclist, pedestrian, motorcyclist, etc.).

How to take part in the survey ?

This survey is available in 15 languages. Filling in the survey questionnaire takes approximately 20 min. If you are willing to take part, please select below the language in which you would like to complete the survey: 


български (Bulgarian)

čeština (Czech)

Dansk (Danish)

Deutsch (German)

Eλληνικά (Greek)

Español (Spanish)

Français (French)

Hrvatski (Croatian)

Italiano (Italian)

Nederlands (Dutch)

Português (Portuguese)

Română (Romanian)

Slovenščina (Slovenian)

Türkçe (Turkish)

You can also invite other traffic victims to take part in the survey. You only have to send them an email or message including the link of this webpage : www.brsi.be/MLAC

[1] By injured we mean people who have had to go to/to be treated in the hospital as a consequence of the accident.