At the end of 2015, Vias institute got equipped with a virtual reality driving simulator. The system is based on glasses that project the driver into an interactive universe in which he’s driving a car facing numerous hazardous challenges -pedestrians crossing the road unexpectedly, other drivers braking suddenly…- he will have to avoid. The driver has a 360° vision of the environment, far more complete than with a traditional mono- or multi-screen simulator.

Besides the glasses, the simulator includes a steering wheel and pedals enabling to pilot the simulation as a real vehicle and a remote application to configure the experience (day / night, weather conditions, traffic density…) and enabling a real-time activation or deactivation of the hazardous challenges.

The goal of this simulation is to raise public awareness of defensive driving: as in the real world, some road users will be discourteous or won’t respect the Highway Code. Thus, each driver’s responsibility is to adopt a safe behaviour to avoid accidents. Responsible drivers will have to make sure, among other things, that they respect speed limits and safety distances, that they remain focussed on their environment, and, more generally speaking, that they have a courteous attitude towards other drivers. 

This unique experience in Belgium, and developed specifically for the needs of Vias institute, was presented for the first time at the 2016 Brussels Auto Show and is now part of our services Consulting.

Vias institute is committed to do even more. Conscious of the potential of this technology, we are already planning on developing more tools and functionalities linked to this simulation. In the future, we could use it to conduct studies on behaviour, to train new drivers, to adapt it to other types of users... It opens up a vast range of opportunities and benefits for safety!