“Our country has many problems when it comes to mobility. There are still far too many people being killed on our roads. With its 30 years of expertise and experience in road safety, Vias institute will be able to continue contributing in the future to new solutions for these important social pro blems. For instance, the aim is to encourage multimodality and get the public to opt for the safest and most sustainable methods of transport.

“There needs to be a change in behaviour, both in terms of road safety and mobility. The Vias institute Knowledge centre has always placed behavioural studies centre-stage in order to better understand why people react in a certain way. The focus also lies on analysing ways of changing people’s behaviour so that we can limit the risks facing society. In the future, these skills will be more important than ever. Which is why I wish the new Vias institute every success in dealing with the challenges of the future.”

François Bellot, minister of mobility