What is an alcolock?

An alcolock is a small device installed in your car and linked to the starter of your vehicle. Before you can start, you must blow into the alcolock. The device measures the amount of alcohol in your breath. If the amount of alcohol in your breath equals or is higher than 0.09 mg/l EAA (Exhaled Alveolar Air), the engine won't start. This limit corresponds to 0.2 per mil. If the amount of alcohol is lower than 0.09 mg/l EAA, the engine will start. Each use of the alcolock is recorded on the memory of the device.

How much does it cost?

The current costs for the Vias coaching programme for a duration of:

12 months : € 1210 VAT included
18 months : € 1331 VAT included
24 months : € 1452 VAT included
30 months : € 1573 VAT included
36 months : € 1694 VAT included
42 months : € 1815 VAT included
48 months : € 1936 VAT included
54 months : € 2057 VAT included
60 months : € 2178 VAT included

(The costs are an integral part of the price schedule and are adjusted once a year on January 1st in accordance with the indexation applied from December 31st of the previous year).

The above-mentioned fixed prices include the implementation of the coaching programme, the courses, the analysis of the alcolock data, the personal guidance meetings, the final meeting, the administrative procedures linked to the programme.

For each additional personal guidance meeting, each additional analysis of the alcolock data, or for any other additional service provided ('additional' means it is not covered by the fixed price of the programme), additional costs will be added.

For an overview of the prices for the lease or the purchase of an alcolock, we advise you to get more information at the service centre.

What can the Vias institute do for you?

The alcolock aims at prompting a behavioural change as far as drinking and driving is concerned. You can contact the Vias institute for a professional coaching programme in that matter (as described in the RD of November 20 2010 concerning the installation of the alcolock and the coaching programme). After reading the data recorded on the alcolock in a certified service centre, the Vias institute examines it and we invite you to a personal meeting (if necessary) to discuss the results. Together, we'll talk about the possible irregularities and the potential offences you may have committed. Six months after the beginning of the programme, you will be given a course on your experiences with the use of the alcolock and to dissociate drinking alcohol from driving a vehicle, even after a future removal of the device. If the programme is successfully completed, you will have a final meeting. Together, we will take stock of the programme and assess how safely you will drive after the alcolock is removed from your vehicle.