What steps do you have to take?

The judge has sentenced you to drive a vehicle equipped with an alcolock and to undertake a coaching programme during a set period of time.

The public prosecutor sends you a leaflet with the addresses of the different coaching establishments among which you can make a choice. The Vias institue is for now the only establishment recognised by the Federal Public Service Mobility to organise a coaching programme. You also receive a copy of the final judgment of the court. This document is called “Statement to the convicted”. From the date mentioned on the document, you have 30:

Step 1: Contact the Vias institue

You can contact the Vias coaching Alcolock by phone or in writing

Phone: 02/244.14.36 
E-mail: ethylotestantidemarrage@vias.be

Within the 14 calendar days following your first contact with the Vias institute, you can have a first preliminary discussion. The practical aspects concerning the development of the programme will be discussed with you. If on the day of your first discussion, you have paid the costs or at least made the first payment in the case of a payment by instalments, you immediately get a first course on how to use the alcolock, the consequences if you do not use it properly and the risks and consequences of driving under influence.

Step 2: Contact the service centre and make the alcolock install into your vehicle

You will find the addresses of the service centres in the leaflet provided by the prosecutor office. This service centre will give you an appointment in order to make the alcolock installed into your vehicle. To prove that you were given the Vias institute's course on the alcolock, you have to provide a certificate of participation to the service centre. If you do not have the certificate in question, the service centre will not proceed to the installation of the alcolock.

Step 3: Hand your driving licence over to the clerk of the court’s office where you are convicted

You receive an attestation from the clerk of the court’s office. Take it with you and go to the service delivering driving licences in your municipality, you receive an adapted driving licence bearing the code “112” meaning that you can only drive a vehicle equipped with an alcolock. The validity of the driving licence will also be limited in time, the period corresponding to the duration of the sentence during which you can only drive a vehicle equipped with an alcolock.