The judge has decided that you had to take a rehabilitation test.

The prosecutor sends you a list of approved centres where you can take these rehabilitation tests.

Step 1: choose the centre where you wish to take your rehabilitation test

As soon as you have made your choice, inform the prosecutor of your decision via the enclosed letter. If you don’t let the prosecutor know your decision, the prosecutor’s department will choose a centre for you but this will slow down the procedure. 

Step 2: contact the centre

If you have personally chosen a centre and informed the prosecutor in writing, the latter will notify the said centre and send the required documents.

If you haven’t chosen the centre yourself and the prosecutor’s department did it for you, you must contact the centre selected by the prosecutor’s department as soon as possible. You can call the Vias institute Rehabilitation tests department’s head office at this number: 02/244.14.20 or via email:

Step 3: settle the inscription and payment

As soon as the prosecutor’s department gives us the required documents, we will send you an application form and a payment request. You can specify on the application form which office you wish to go to (see point 5: where can you take a Vias rehabilitation test?). During the payment, always use the acceptance giro system. We can thus handle your file faster.

Step 4: you receive an appointment for your rehabilitation test

A few days after we receive your payment, you need to contact us to set up an appointment for you to take the rehabilitation test. You can change the date of the appointment two days before at the latest. To do so, call our head office at this number 02/244.14.20 or via email:

If you do not come and you don’t let us know in time, you will therefore have to pay for the missed appointment and the new one.

Do you still have questions?

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