Our website at wegcode.be features virtually every rule and regulation there is regarding traffic and driving on the road. These are always the very latest versions, updated to include all of the changes that apply. The aim of the website is to make the rules and regulations accessible and to ensure they are easy to understand.

Two of the most recent changes:

Since 20th August 2017, the maximum dimensions of heavy goods vehicles have changed to simplify the use of aerodynamic features and the transport of 45-foot containers. The table of penalties for road haulage has been adjusted accordingly. Finally, the rules of conduct relating to these aerodynamic features have been added to the traffic regulations.

Since 12th August 2017, the Royal Decree regarding the registration of vehicles also provides for the suspension and cancellation of a registration. Suspensions apply to vehicles until they have successfully undergone a technical inspection; cancellations are final. Both will be recorded electronically.