Established thanks to a rapid reporting of data by the police (drawn from the official accident reports), the road safety monitoring survey offers an overview of the latest evolution of the number of physical accidents and road casualties in Belgium, pending the yearly publication of the official and final data.

It offers, every three months, an overview of the number of physical accidents and casualties that have been recorded until then from the beginning of the year. Then, it compares the current year with the prior years in order to analyse the trends. It is thus an essential tool to reshape rapidly and efficiently national and regional policies regarding road safety.

The first pages of the document present an in-depth analysis of the data and put forward a few explanatory theories about the trends observed. These results are summarised on one page at the very beginning of the document. The actual data are to be found after the analysis, presented graphically and tabulated. They are organised on a regional approach, since the data concerning the various users (pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, accident involving a van, accident involving a truck) are stated at the federal level and for each region.

The road safety monitoring survey is only available in Dutch and French.