Dear reader,

It is with great pride that I introduce you to Vias institute, the organisation that is taking over the role of BRSI after 30 years. The change of name is the final part of a process that we put in motion six years ago.



The MONITOR-project (collaboration between Vias institute and the SPF Mobility and Transport) is a study on the customs of more than 30.000 Belgians regarding mobility and road safety.

Our country has many problems when it comes to mobility. There are still far too many people being killed on our roads. With its 30 years of expertise and experience in road safety, Vias institute will be able to continue contributing to new solutions.

Safety has always been one of this government’s top priorities. The focus on security has be- come even greater as a result of the attacks and terror threats of recent years. We have invested enormously in security, including in the area of technology.

On Wednesday 13th September 2017, Belgium’s Vias institute and the Dutch Institute for Technology, Safety & Security (DITSS) signed a collaborative agreement to guarantee the long-term exchange of knowledge on safety.

Nous sommes tous des contrevenants routiers ou des générateurs potentiels des accidents. Une recherche par la psychologie, mais surtout par la psychologie sociale, peut mieux clarifier les limites du « facteur humain ». Ce document met ces phénomènes dans un contexte…

Critères Médicaux Syndrome d’Apnée Obstructive du Sommeil