About Vias institute

Improving road safety, along with mobility and safety in general: that is the aim of Vias institute as a major Belgian knowledge centre. To help reduce social risks, we intend to share our knowledge and implement our experience as broadly as possible – both for individual customers, as well as for society in general. The expertise of our team, which is 120 strong, extends far and wide, ranging from academic researchers and engineers, psychologists and field specialists, to legal advisers and consultants. It is precisely this diversity in the area of knowledge that makes us a specialised and much-appreciated partner for governments, social organisations, companies and research institutions that share our aims and aspirations – i.e. to create a better, safer environment. 

As an independent and multidisciplinary knowledge centre, we take an integrated and innovative approach. For instance, we are able to provide solutions for local, national and international legislative, (infra)structural, technological and social problems.

Vias institute, known until recently as BRSI (Belgian Road Safety Institute), was established in 1986 by the Belgian government. It has been fully independent since 2016. We are known principally by the general public as the driving force behind the ‘BOB’ drinking-and-driving awareness-raising campaigns. Today, operating as Vias institute, we are expanding the fields we work in and putting our know-how to good use to promote better road safety, mobility and security in general.

The name ‘Vias institute’  is derived from the Latin word ‘via’, meaning ‘road’ as well as ‘way in which’. It also reflects the broader role and interpretation that the revamped organisation will be taking on. Changing people’s behaviour on and off the road remains a constant in creating a better and safer environment for everyone