Do you want to improve road safety for your employees by reducing the number of accidents and hence also reducing the volume of claims for your fleet? Do you want to examine the intermodal capabilities of your staff, as well as optimise them and so contribute to solving mobility and traffic jam problems?

Do you want to highlight and improve your employees’ sense of what’s safe and what’s not?

Our consulting department provides safety solutions which, in addition to road safety, also include answers to the issues of intermodal and multimodal capabilities, as well as safety in the community.

We work closely with our clients on achieving sustainable changes of behaviour while working towards improvement processes in the long term. 

We start by conducting an all-round assessment in which the full (road) safety and mobility of your organisation are screened and adjustments made where necessary. After the assessment, a kick-off session is held at which we begin the improvement process together. This involves providing practical solutions for your mobility and (road) safety. We also offer a range of interactive workshops and targeted training courses and events. 

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