Training courses

Training courses: what is it all about?

The Driver Improvement team from the Vias institute organises road safety awareness-raising training courses for the people who committed one or several serious offences to the Highway Code. Driver Improvement is a national project recognised and subsidised by the Federal Public Service Justice since 1995. The training courses are held in nearly all the judicial districts in Belgium. The courses offered by each judicial district may vary depending on the local conditions.

“Alternative judicial measures”

Most training courses are organised as part of alternative judicial measures. Therefore, these training courses are, for the offenders, a requirement laid down by the tribunal (probation), the examining magistrate (conditional release), or the prosecutor (criminal mediation) as an alternative to any further sanction or legal proceedings. These training courses are free of charge.

“Speeding : let’s take the time to think about it...”

In some judicial districts, Driver Improvement provides a training course entitled ‘Speeding : let’s take the time to think about it...'. This training course is not part of alternative judicial measures. The prosecutor can only advise this course to people who greatly exceeded the speed limit.

There are 2 possibilities:

  • You first take the course and then appear in Court. The judge may take into account the fact that you took the course to determine your sentence.
  • After you took the course, the prosecutor decides to drop the charges.

The notification letter will specify the procedure set by the prosecutor. This training course is voluntary and paying (390 euros). After you attended the course, you will get an attendance certificate.