This lab is responsible for the control of refrigerated trucks used for the international carriage of perishable foodstuffs.

Control of refrigerated trucks

Refrigerated trucks used for the international carriage of perishable foodstuffs must be controlled according to the international legislation in the same way as cars are regularly subjected to vehicle safety, roadworthiness and exhaust emissions tests (MOT test). This test is called ATP (for Perishable foodstuffs Transport Agreement). This checking is usually performed in the Vias institute premises but it can also be carried out in various locations at the hauliers' or even at the client's upon request.

On top of the skills and expertise necessary to provide an excellent service to our customers, we also take an active part to the development of new legislation in this matter on an international scale.

Application forms

Application form for the ATP certificate (PDF) 

Application form for the ATP certificate (Word)

Good to know!

  • A first request as well as a renewal (periodical check) has to be applied for at the Vias institute and the Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport.

    Requests for duplicates or modifications have to be applied for at the FPS Mobility and Transport.

    Link to the website of the FPS Mobility and Transport:ère/vehicules_et_leurs_elements/atp .

  • The ATP certificate only concerns the insulated bodywork of the truck; not a vehicle, a licence plate, or a refrigeration unit. These three elements are considered as accessories.
  • The ATP certificate remains associated to the bodywork of the truck in the event of a change of owner of the vehicle.
  • An insulated bodywork can only obtain a single ATP certificate in Belgium. It is renewable.
  • In our system, your certificate is classified according to its ATP reference. The reference is mentioned as follows:
    "ATP R. (0)0000". You will find it on the upper third of the certificate.
  • However, it is still recoverable with the serial number of the truck. The other data (licence plate, serial number of the refrigeration pump or the vehicle brand) may have changed over time.

Before contacting us, gather as much information as you can upon the insulated bodywork. Thus we can offer you better help and advice.

If you require an urgent appointment or if you send us the necessary documents less than four working days before the date of your appointment, we will have to charge a supplement to our usual fee.

You should also read the frequently asked questions and their answers:

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