Innovative mobility solutions

This shift from the traditional company car become more achievable (and significantly less painful!) after many new mobility solutions entered the market. The transition towards future of corporate mobility is happening at incredible pace – however, reinventing your corporate mobility can be an overwhelming process. Mobility Budget, MaaS, SaaS, electric or shared fleets – possibilities are countless! Additionally, your corporate mobility is constrained in many ways too: due to legislative requirements, environmental concerns, the travel patterns and needs or even simply by your location. Dive into our selection of innovative tools that you can use to reinvent your corporate mobility into smart, sustainable and safe one – inclusive for everyone and not compromising any road user’s safety.

MaaS for easier intermodal journeys

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) emerged to be a key solution for all employees that needs more flexibility. After introduction of Mobility Budget in 2019, it became even easier to offer your people solutions to all-in-one mobility – companies like Skipr or XXimo can be a perfect solution if you don’t want to cope with endless number of tickets to reimburse. Thanks to MaaS, intermodal travel is considerably easier for your accounting and your employees - with the use of a single mobility card to pay all travel expenses. 

MobiScore - Realtime Mobility Analysis

Now that you have satisfied your employees’ demand by providing a flexible mobility experience, it might be worthy to provide them with more connected technologies. Stoomlink have developed a series of tools that can improve the comfort and easiness on which your employees choose their mobility solutions. MobiScore will help your company to get easy-to-understand accessibility and proximity information. If you wonder how many people can access your office within 20min, where is the best place for a new location or how effective is your sales and distribution network –MobiScore can answer all your concerns! You can also install one of their digital SmartDisplays in your office to give your visitors and employees access to real-time information about public transportations and proximity of the bikes or e-scooters nearby. The key to transition for transition to greener mobility? Information!

Commuters rolling like pros

Connected mobility and MaaS encourage the use of micromobility solutions, such as the e-bikes or e-scooters. Easier accessibility and growing offer of shared-fleet provider allow easier transition towards multimodal journey. But important point that you must consider when revolutionizing your corporate mobility is that safety comes before innovation. Although micormobility devices can serve as a great alternative specially in cities suffering from congestion, if used without a proper introduction, it can quickly turn into feeling insecurity and injuries (read our blog article with a testimony of an accident on e-scooter). Fortunately, being safe and innovative can come in a one package!  You can easily tackle the micromobility challenge by organizing a training session that Vias provides - to make your employees feel confident as commuters or occasional first and last-mile riders. Additionally, the safety training by our professionals is complemented by a comprehensive theory preparation and a guide on how to jump into shared-mobility world – all in package for all your micromobility concerns.

Become a parking adept

Recent revolutions in the way we (tele)work, and (not) commute has already imposed some challenges on companies that usually consume a large parking surface that for a while now is underutilized. More flexible working patterns are likely to remain even after the pandemic, but such flexibility might not be easily transferable to your parking policy. Additionally, people who will chose to benefit from other opportunities that you provided, such like MaaS subscription or to jump on the e-scooter, will also free some space in your parking lot. The optimal parking management solution - BePark platform allows to not only analyse your exact parking needs, but also to ensure that each parking space will be occupied to its full potential. Additionally, it will be a great tool of enforcing your mobility policy!

Towards the fleet of the future

For many of us car remains necessary, at least to some extent. But a shift from fossil fuels toward electric vehicles is important to mitigate the environmental impact of your fleet and comes to the top of legislative agendas. While time is running, many companies are struggling with how to future-proof their fleets, ensure the access to supporting infrastructure and all of that without jeopardizing the regular travel tasks. To facilitate that transition, Vias -supports this transition via a method that will guide you through all the steps with a data-driven deployment plan for electrifying your fleet and reduce fleet TCO costs. This innovative tool based on AI-technology ensures a smooth and green transition of your fleet with a long-term strategy. Additionally, all necessary training for optimizing the battery use with improved driver behaviour can make EVs suitable for all your drivers. Being a leader of the future mobility has never been easier!

Mobility ecosystem is often developing faster than you even realize your corporate mobility could use some update. The pressure to move towards the future of mobility comes from many direction - authorities have implemented regulations to enforce and encourage changes and your employees will be keen on trying something new! With the use of innovative mobility solutions, you can create a safe, smart and sustainable mobility ecosystem for your employees and visitors - and be ready for all future mobility challenges.


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