ADVERTS is project commissioned by the Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR). The main objective of ADVERTS is to compile and disseminate information for European road authorities to help inform them on issues related to distraction from roadside billboards – with a special focus on digital billboards - so that they do not interrupt the safe execution of the driving task and, as a consequence, do not disrupt traffic flow.

Distraction is one of the main challenges currently facing road transport. Distraction not only arises from sources inside the vehicle, but also from sources outside the vehicle. With respect to the latter, the increasing interest in roadside advertising via (digital) billboards is of particular interest. Some features of roadside advertising are likely to be more distracting than others.

ADVERTS wants to compile and to disseminate information for European road authorities. The project explicitly aims to maximise chances for practical implementation by using input from CEDR practitioners (survey) and by targeted dissemination using personal communication (workshops), proven traditional means (examples of good practices, reports) and new media (web-based information, webinars).

The project is executed by a consortium of the Dutch Institute for Road Safety Research SWOV (coordinator), TRL (UK) and Vias institute (BE). Vias institute will contribute to the collection of knowledge and good practices. Vias institute is also responsible for the dissemination part of the project.

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