Vias institute is one of the leading partners in a three-year European project aimed at strengthening the way road safety is organised in African countries. In total, 16 different organisations are involved in this project, of which 5 are located in Africa itself.

Over a period of three years, various activities will be put in place, designed to give road safety in Africa a more substantial base to work from. In fact, the African continent has the highest number of road deaths per 100,000 inhabitants (26.6 – in Europe: 9.3). This project is intended to give local organisations (both public and private) sufficient know-how that will enable them to undertake targeted and effective campaigns in a more sustainable way.

Vias institute is involved in a number of different areas. For instance, we are responsible for organising training and educating both current and future professionals in the area of road safety. We are also taking part in research into setting up a good database, shining a light on the current way of working in various African countries and also researching the impact of cultural values on driving habits.

The project began in October 2016 and will come to an end in December 2019.