Vias institute is in regular contact with equivalent bodies in other countries and is involved in a range of international projects. One of these projects, which is spread across a number of years and runs until 2018, is the twinning project between Algeria, France and Belgium. The aim is to provide guidance for the National Algerian Organisation for the Technical Inspection of Public Works (CTTP).

CTTP comes under the supervision of the minister for Public Works and is intended to handle the technical inspection of public works. Vias institute has been officially commissioned by FPS Foreign Affairs to represent Belgium in this twinning project. Vias institute will be responsible for training staff: showing them the necessary audit and inspection techniques for road safety, as well as teaching them about safe amenities on the road.

Leading on from the various assignments that it has already carried out on-site, Vias institute has also been given the additional task of developing a statutory framework for the training and official accreditation of auditors. Vias institute bases its work on a number of best practices taken from Belgium and France and then adjusted to fit into an Algerian context.

Vias institute is a privileged partner for numerous projects in Africa. We not only have a vast expertise in road safety but are also capable to share that knowledge. Our flexibility to adapt ourselves to the local context is also a big advantage.  

- Jean-François Gaillet, Directeur Innovation and Technology Vias institute