The CAV lab's main task is the regular verification and the initial verification of the devices used by the inspection centres for motor vehicles in Belgium (+-70 centres), namely:

  • exhaust gas analysers (except for the initial verification as the device is covered by the European directive on measurement device MID)
  • LPG detectors
  • Partial flow opacimeter
  • Luminoscopes (measurement of the position of the lamp)
  • Headlamp aiming system testers
  • Floor support for vehicles (used as a reference for headlamp positioning)
  • Brake testing machine for light vehicles, brake testing machine for commercial vehicles (in particular the brake testing machines using the RD method to test the efficiency of trucks braking)
  • Suspension testers (used to test light vehicles suspension)
  • Coupling gauge (to test the coupling of articulated lorries)
  • Candelameters (control of the intensity of commercial vehicles' rear lights)
  • Control devices for damaged vehicles (three-dimensional measurement)
  • Mobile brake testing machine (roadside control)

The CAV lab reports on the verifications carried out at the SPF mobility. Regular tests are performed each year.  We are also in charge of the files and approval tests of various devices (new devices launched onto the market) and the verification (scantling) of headlamp aiming devices for garages.

A team of 6 people works at the CAV laboratory: 5 technical experts + 1 laboratory manager.

The CAV laboratory is BELAC-accredited for the following activities, accreditation certificate (110-Test):

  • Exhaust gas analysers
  • Brake testing machines
  • Suspension testers
  • Coupling gauges

The Vias institute, and the CAV lab in particular, attach great importance to the BELAC accreditation, a guarantee of the great quality of the work performed by our teams. To the same end, the laboratory has kept on extending its scope of accreditation to other tests over the years (new devices).

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