The helmet testing laboratory is in charge of testing motorbike helmets and screens, bicycle helmets and helmets for little children.

Homologation of helmets and screens

Helmets limit the risk of head injuries in case of (road) accident. These helmets must obviously fulfil all sorts of requirements.

For more than 40 years the helmet testing laboratory has been carrying out the requisite tests on motor helmets and screens. Our clients are enterprises from Europe as well as Asia. The tests we are performing are official tests for the homologation of these helmets and screens, in accordance with the European regulation ECE-R22-05 of Genève and the qualification and batch tests (Conformity Of Production, or briefly COP). The client can realize this COP; in this case the Vias institute will regularly carry out an audit in the factories of the client.

Since 2015, the helmet testing laboratory is also recognised for performing homologation tests on bicycle helmets (EN1078 norm) and helmets for little children (EN1080 norm).

Beside these official (mechanical as well as optical) tests, we also carry out preliminary tests and tests requested by third parties.

Recognised and ISO-accredited laboratory

The helmet testing laboratory is a fully equipped state-of-the art laboratory accredited according to the ISO 17020 norms (Belac accreditation number 110-INSP/Notified body NB2594) and ISO17025 (Belac accreditation number 110-Test).The laboratory has the know-how and expertise needed not only to supply information to the clients but also to participate, at the international level, in the further development of the regulation. Beside a competitive price policy, we attach a lot of importance to a short processing duration of the test process.

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