-The assessment of the ability to drive is based on medical criteria. These criteria are stated in the appendix 6 of the RD of 23 March 1998.
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-From September 1st, the regulation concerning the control of adapted vehicles will be changed.

Control guidelines

Clarification second-hand inspection


-On 1/1/17, Belgium shall implement the EU directive 2015/653. The codes are (commonly) imposed by the CARA, department of Vias institute. They are mentioned on the certificate of ability to drive (Model VII), delivered by the doctor as desired. They are written down on the driving licence by the service Driving Licences of your municipality or city (section 12 of the new models). From 1/1/17 only the new codes will be used. Most of the codes still exist. Some are expired, others are new. In case of exchange of driving licences on which “old” codes are mentioned, the service Driving licences can carry out the conversion in most of the cases. The service Driving Licences shall refer you to the CARA if they cannot make the conversion or they will contact us. When contacting the CARA, please clearly indicate that it is a conversion from “old” codes to “new” ones. We can thus deal with the conversion faster and more efficiently.

You can find the new codes here.