Ports are important logistical hubs with great economic value. Criminals also try to profit from this situation. That is why work needs to be done with an advanced approach, without interfering with or limiting the operational activities of the ports.

PASSAnT – ‘Platform for innovative Security Solutions in hArbours & Terminals’ – is a Belgian-Dutch alliance of knowledge centres, public and private entities, that develops high-tech security solutions for ports with European support. Vias institute has a coordinating role in the project. Together with leading partners DITSS and INNOS, and a number of project partners, PASSAnT develops new weapons to fight the smuggling of humans, drugs and explosives.

During the 2018-2020 period, the PASSAnT network will work on three innovative, high-tech solutions: advanced and intrusion-proof tarpaulins to protect truckloads, smart camera networks that will ‘learn’ the difference between - for instance - an illegal refugee and a dock worker thanks to artificial intelligence, and advanced barriers and locking systems that can recognise when intruders want to sabotage or try to climb the fence.

These various new technologies and resources will all be tested in practice in the ports of Ostend and Moerdijk (the Netherlands), and will then be integrated into one advanced security service package.