Niveau S envisions a quintessentially secure society without any criminal threats. Innovative technologies ensure a sense of quiet and security. Niveau S stands for a society in which mankind and technology join forces to fight rogue networks and disruptions. Niveau S will contrast sharply with Niveau 4, when security levels become so threatening that soldiers have to patrol our streets and our cities go into lockdown. Niveau S stands for Security and Safety but also for Society. Let’s build a safer future, together.

Together with the Federal Public Service of Home Affairs and several public and private partners, we organized Niveau S, a major two-day event in Square Brussels. At the event, innovators, disruptors, professionals, job seekers and investors alike joined hands towards a safe and secure society. For the very first time.

The Niveau S conference invited professionals and experts to work with national and international speakers in order to foster a new breeding ground for innovation in the security sector. Because there is a need for knowledge, people, disruptive ideas and technology, the event is also associated with a major job fair and an innovation competition.